Working with the National Museum of Australia

A little while ago, I joined my colleague Dr Susan Carland to talk about the histories of some of the environmental challenges facing Australia today. These interviews complement the Australian Journey: The Story of a Nation in 12 Objects series, produced by the National Museum of Australia and Monash University. Australian Journey is a free web-based video series exploring the nation’s history through captivating objects from the National Museum of Australia. This series is aimed at high school and tertiary students. 

I spoke about the challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef, while offering a wider historical and cultural context for "Cook's cannon", one of six that Lieut. James Cook and his crew heaved over board when the Endeavour ran aground the Reef in 1770. 

In another interview (after a haircut!), I spoke with Susan about the drying climate of southwestern Australia and its implications for Perth and the wider region. This interview complemented an episode that focused on cultural responses to the continent's aridity, which featured the windmill of Kenya station in central Queensland.